What will happen in Volda in 2022?

Tekst: Per Straume , Foto: Joakim Riise

Students in Volda can enjoy a year that is filled to the brim with highlights! In 2022, it will not be difficult to find fun and important arenas to share good times with fellow students.

We have tried to compile a list of events and festivals in Volda in 2022. In addition to those listed here, there are many smaller events and activities, often under the auspices of the many student organizations found in Volda. Read more about it at the bottom of the article.

Recently, Volda University College arranged an International Day where students, among other things, got an insight into where they can travel on exchange, which involves universities in over 40 countries. And now VEKA in Volda is going on!

VEKA 11 - 26 February

VEKA always offers a lot of different fun. The program includes well-known artists, glam and glitter with the music competition Vekavision, Vekerevyen and standup with Henrik Fladseth. This year, Staysman, brenn. and Fieh play for the music-loving Volda audience.

X2 Festival March 31 - April 3

During the X2 Festival 2022, you can participate, or be a contributor, to a bunch of extreme sports, interesting lectures from international speakers, or just relax on the concert floor with some of the best artists the Nordic region has to offer!

The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival 20 - 24 April

The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival is the largest and oldest of its kind in Norway and attracts documentary filmmakers from home and abroad. The festival, which is popularly known as Dokfilm, is an attractive social meeting place for former and new Volda students and the local population.

ITS Volda 25 - 26 April

ITS Volda is a conference that brings together teacher education students and staff from several European countries to share ideas and perspectives on physical activity and outdoor activity. Through practical exercises, workshops and lectures, the program will include both practical experiences, as well as insight into pedagogical theories and current research on the topic.

Bygdepride 7 - 14 May

Bygdepride became the first pride parade in district Norway when it was marched in 2018 with thousands of people in the parade and along the streets in Volda. It was the start of an adventure that also continued into 2022. Now it has become a week with celebrations, concerts and several other cool events.

National day

May 17th is Norway's national day. Students have their own place in the parade under VUC`s banner, or they can go under other banners in the parade. Many students have a great time and socialize on National Day and often meet for a common breakfast and have fun together.

First aid during exam time in May

Here we follow up the success from previous years where, among other things, useful courses on exam stress, writing help, supper in the canteen, one-on-one conversations and good advices for using different sources, which has been a resounding success among students in the past.

Buddy week starts on 16 August

The academic year opens with Buddy week - a week full of various events and activities. The buddies do everything to ensure that new students get off to a great start in their student life in Volda.

Animation Volda in September

Animation Volda is an annual festival organized by the animation students at Volda University College, Norway. Over the course of four days, the animation medium will be explored through lectures, workshops, guest lecturers, screenings and parties. The festival attracts international capacities within the animation community.

Research days 23 - 28 September

The research days each year provide a unique opportunity to show the breadth of research at the university college to a diverse audience both locally and regionally. In 2022, the Research Days at Volda University College will be held on 23-27 September, with the national theme "Sea".

First aid during exam time in November

Here we follow up the success from previous years where, among other things, useful courses on exam stress, writing help, free breakfast, supper in the canteen, one-on-one conversations and good advice on using the basement were a resounding success among the students.

The music festival Bygdesus, with Studenthuset Rokken as the stage, has previously been held in October. Maybe it will also be arranged then this year as well.

From wine night to e-sports

In addition to this, there is an incredible amount of life and movement around Volda. Pangaia does a lot of social for all students in Volda with, among other things, international evenings, at Studenthuset Rokken there is events happening year round with cultural fun. All the student organizations in the village help to supplement this with their events and fine inventions.

For those who love quizzes, Volda is the city. At Rokken, there is a quiz every Wednesday, while Tredet, which is both a café and a bar, always has a quiz. At Tredet there are also theme nights, concerts, stand up and other fun.

Theme evenings also offer the restaurant Brør mat og bryggeri. They recently had a wine evening with their own sommelier.

Volda is absolutely a sports village, and here there are definitely matches that are worth watching for those interested in sports. KFUM Volda's women's team plays in the elite series in volleyball, Volda handball's women's team fights in the top of the 1st division, both play in the brand new and beautiful Volda Campus Sparebank1 Arena. Volda's men's football team plays in the 3rd division and the women's team in the 2nd division.

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