• Studiestart

    Two day-semester start


    We are happy to announce a physical semester start in August! To be able to meet Corona restrictions, new students will meet over two days: The 18th or 19th.

  • Less emissions for VUC


    The climate and enviroment report for 2019 shows less emissions due to travels, and positive effect from recycling.

  • Stein Helge Solstad

    Stein Helge Solstad published on Routledge


    The music Associate professor from the Department of Cultural studies at VUC got his monograph Expertise in Jazz Guita Improvisation: A Cognitive Approach published at well renound Routledge. 

  • No Corona delay for new media house 


    Despite slowing down the project to follow Corona guidelines, the «world’s best media house» is on schedule for opening in August 2021. 

  • Thumbnail

    Partial reopening of Volda University College


    Students will be given access to VUC campus from May 14 to avoid any delays in academic progress. This applies to all students at VUC. Students should evaluate their own need to access our campus facilities in order to maintain their academic progression.

  • Kviss

    Digital quiz success continues


    The popular «Rokken quiz» have been re-born online since the Corona closing of the student house. Make sure to join! This is just one of the digital iniviatives launched by VUC, partners and students lately.

  • Semesteropning

    Even more students want to attend VUC


    The number of applicants with Volda University College (VUC) on top of their list are increasing – again. This makes it four years of growth in a row. Both media and teacher studies have great growth. And in one of these areas, Volda are standing out nationally.