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Risk Communication and Issue Management


Issues Management relates to Crisis Management. For Journalists or other Media Professionals, Communication Officers or Public Relations Managers, it is vital to understand how a single issue, however insignificant it might seem in early stages – evolve to a potential or probable risk, and in some cases, erupts in to a full-scale crisis.

The course plan covers approx 15 hours of lectures. Attendance (80%) is compulsory for lectures of intensive teaching, including presentations and assessments. 

First lecture: Monday 6th of January


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The course contextualises Risk Communication, Issues and Crisis Management as a vital part in understanding Strategic Communication, Public Relations and Journalism covering crisis. The course will give a visual and case-oriented presentation of the key concepts of Issues Management, Risk Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Communication, Media and Public Relations.

An important perspective will also be how the concept of Risk Society Theory presents both an historic background and a contemporary model in assessing these issues.

Issue Management refers to the systematic assessment of an organisation concerning its environment in large. It can be a company, but also public authorities, political parties or associations, whose aims are to identify any issues that can inflict the public’s lives or other organization-related issues at an early stage. The organisations objective is to react accordingly, by participation in the public opinion-forming process or by adapting the organisation policy. Often the goal is to address the public discourse through the media and can address subjects in the public debate.

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The course is open access to all students with a relevant bachelor’s degree.

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The course plan is published in TimeEdit. Attendance is compulsory for five days of intensive teaching, including group exercises with project work and one crisis management exercise.



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