Veronika from Latvia is this year's food blogger 2023

Tekst: Vilde Moltudal Igland , Foto: Vilde Moltudal Igland / HVO

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"I'm shocked", Veronika exclaims when she realizes that she's the winner of a total of three awards and nearly did a clean sweep, during the selection of this year's food blogs in the Norwegian Food Culture course.

Food basket
Veronika shows off the food basket she made in the course. It contained both juice, jam, tea of cornflower and dried lemon, as well as traditional Norwegian christmas cookies and Latvian chocolate cookies.

I've really enjoyed the course and the teachers have been really great. They've been bringing us along in the area, shown and learned us a lot

Veronika Potapava

In her homeland Latvia, Veronika studies Cross Cultural Studies with a focus on Scandinavian countries. Food culture was something she had not studied before, so she's happy that she came to Volda.

– Volda is a cozy village where everyone knows everyone. Like a big family, Viktoria says.

New course autumn 2023

Studentane ved ERAMAK101 hausten 2023

Norwegian Food Culture (ERAMAK101, 15 credits) is a new course autumn 2023, where international students have had the opportunity to explore Norwegian Food Culture and traditional food. Not only that, the study situation also got a new dimension of the global impulses around, when 11 students from 7 different nations have collaborated in the teaching kitchen.

This is how it looked when the international students started up in the autumn.

Communicate food culture through digital media

The course has taken with it many experiences from the Norwegian 30 credits course in food culture. Here it has been tradition to award who has made the best study blog of the students, and this year this tradition has been continued to the international students at Norwegian Food Culture.

Here you can read about Hege - last year’s winner at Food Culture.

During the semester, the students have met and practiced the communication of food culture in both traditional and modern ways. Writing your own study blog has been a work requirement, and part of the practical program.

Epleformet kjeks
Matkasse med juletema
Glass med hermetisert pære med supermannkappe

The categories are:

1. Best blog post about pickling, juicing and canning

2. Best blog post about preserving meat

3. Best blog post about traditional Norwegian baking

4. This year's Norwegian Food Culture blogger

The criteria are: good pictures, readable text, good professional level and simply your subjective opinion of what a tidy and nice blog post looks like!

The winners:

Somin Park from South-Korea won best blog post about pickling, juicing and canning.

Veronika Potapava from Latvia won both best blog post about preserving meat, about traditional Norwegian baking og this year's Norwegian Food Culture blogger.

See the students in action at Norwegian television (NRK)

Klipp frå lefsebaking

The students have had their first encounters with Norwegian food traditions in Christmas time the last few weeks. Join us in the teaching kitchen and see when the Norwegian District News (NRK Møre og Romsdal) visited and got an insight into their study everyday life.

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