Two day-semester start

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We are happy to announce a physical semester start in August! To be able to meet Corona restrictions, new students will meet over two days: The 18th or 19th. 

The semester start of 2020 will take place physically in Volda at VUC. All first year students will get their start date either 18th or 19th of August. You will be notified on the final date and time. Other students that are part of ongoing studies, will get notified about their semester start, date and time through Canvas.

- We are happy to have reached this decision, and that students and teachers are able to meet and start the semester physically – not just digitally, says Odd Helge Mjellem Tonheim, Pro-Rector at VUC. 

Broadcast instead of live show

To be able to both meet Corona restricions and have a safe «kick off» of the semester in a way that is practical and possible to implement, the management of VUC chose the alternative of having two opening days instead of the regular one day program, and to invite first year-students only. 

Another change will be that the students will remain in groups. The usual gathering in front of a stage will be replaced with a broadcast that the groups will watch on a screen. 
After the program, the students will meet up with classmates and later on their buddys. There WILL be a buddy week also in 2020! 


Questions about semester start? You might find your answer on our semester start portal. We will also reach out to international students going forward.

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