Semester start

There is no opening ceremony for the spring semester 2020

What do you need to do as a new student?

1. Register for the semester (to gain access to e-learning system and other student tools)

2. Check where and when to meet for the first day of classes. See the practical information for your course of study.
(if you are already a student at VUC, see the schedule for the first week of classes in Canvas.)

Note! Incoming exchange students will get information about the start of the semester directly from the International Office.

3. Turn to Pangaia about how to join activities to meet new friends!

4. Read up on useful information for new students underneath:

NB! Students who are entitled to grants and loans from the Norwegian state educational loan fund (Lånekassen) must remember to apply for grants/loans. 



Checklist for new students

1. Student identity card, semester fee and semester card

VUC students are issued a student ID card which can be used to:

  • access to main campus buildings and rooms after opening hours (evenings and weekends)
  • borrow of  books in the university college library
  • print at the printer/copy machines on campus (all students will initially have 30 prints on their account)

Semester fee

All students are required to pay a semester fee. Payment deadline and information about amount can be found in Studentweb

Note that incoming exchange students from partner universities, are exempt from paying the semester fee at VUC since they pay semester fees to their home university.

Semester card

Volda University College offers a digital Student ID (Studentbevis app) which replaces the paper-based semester receipt. The digital semester receipt can be downloaded on your mobile device through the app and will be accepted as proof of student status by transport service companies in Norway. For degree students, payment of semester fee and semester registration are required to access the digital Student ID.


2. Information channels at Volda University College

Students get information regarding studies and student life through various channels at the university college, such as: Studentweb, Canvas - Learning Management System, e-mail and the Student Service Office-page at

We also invite you to follow Volda University College on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snap: @hivolda. The Studen Parliament at VUC also posts activites and events on their Facebook-group.

3. Sivolda - the service- and welfare organization

Sivolda is the short name of Studentsamskipnaden in Volda. Sivolda is a service- and welfare organisation for all the students in Volda, and are working to give every student a safe and effective study situation.

Sivolda provides: 

Private accommodation
There are many apartments and flats available on the private housing market. You may search for private accommodation on the website and/or the Facebook group Til leige i Volda og Ørsta

4. Student wellbeing and resources

Do you have special needs related to your studies? Volda University College has a team of dedicated staff members working to make your everday life as a student better. 

We recommend all students and staff to check out the website Here you will find information on what to do in the case of an emergency, basic first aid and find contact information to emergency units. If you wish to be extra prepared, do save a short cut for on your mobile phone.

On our website, we have a section called SPEAK UP. Here you can inform us about things you find difficult to address with others.

Volda University College also offers a free health clinique for students in cooperation with the municipality of Volda which offers a number of services.

5. Travel to Volda

Traveling to and from Volda is easy. There are several ways to get here, depending on time, budget and your preferred transport method.

Get the overview

6. Volda and the region of Sunnmøre

Volda is a small place in the middle of Fjord Norway. The nearest town is Ålesund, and the Sunnmøre area is "where mountains and fjords meet the ocean".

VisitNorway - Ålesund &  Sunnmøre

Didn't find what you were looking for ?

Student Service Office

Stop by during opening hours: 

Visit the Student Service Office in Berte Kanutte (BK), ground floor


  • Monday - Friday, 8.00 am - 3.30 pm
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +47 70 07 54 00

IT-support is located in Berte Kanutte (BK), ground floor, next to the cafeteria.