All students must register every semester in order to have an active student status at Volda University College. 

Time period for ordinary semester registration:
Autumn semester: August 1 - September 1
Spring semester: December 12 - February 1

Pre-registration for students in degree programmes:
Students in Bachelor- and Master-programmes will be able to pre-register for courses in Studentweb for the upcoming semester. The pre-registration opens towards the end of the semester (April/May for autumn and November/December for spring registration).

Semester registration

New students: 

Registration follows three steps:

1. Activate your IT-account (Feide) the first time you register as a student at Volda University College to enable access to Studentweb and Canvas.

Activate IT-account for students with a Norwegian personal ID-number.

Activate account for students without a Norwegian personal-ID number.


2. Once you have activated your IT-account, you will be forwarded to the Studentweb

In Studentweb you register for courses and generate your invoice for the semester fee. Read more about this in the section regarding Studentweb underneath.

Incoming exchange students are pre-registered for the semester by the VUC International Office and do not have to register in Studentweb.

International students for the Norwegian langauge course (NIS) and the Master's in Media Practices (MMP) must register in Studentweb, pay the semester fee, and approve their education plan.

Once you have completed registration in Studentweb, you will get access to the e-learning system Canvas, the exam system Inspera, the Office 365-package, student e-mail, etc.


3. Pay your semester fee (incoming exchange students are exempt from paying the fee to VUC).


Current student at VUC:

Students in Bachelor- and Master-programmes may pre-register for courses in the upcoming semester. Read more about pre-registration underneath.

Go to Studentweb to register for courses/exams and generate an invoice to pay the semester fee. Update your semester address if applicable.


Do you need a new IT-password (Feide)?

You may request a new password on our website


Questions or comments? Contact Student Services:

e-mail or phone +47 70 07 50 18.


Pre-registration to courses in the upcoming semester is a possibility for students enrolled in Bachelor- and Master-programmes. This means that you get priority enrollment in courses for the upcoming term. Pre-registration is done in Studentweb towards the end of the semester (April/May for the autumn semester, and November/December for pre-registration in the spring semester).

It is also possible to register for courses in the ordinary registration period which opens December 1st for spring semester and August 1st for autumn semester, but then some courses may already be full.

Before you register for courses, you need to check the exam dates in the Examination Schedule to avoid collisions in exam dates.  

Select courses that corresponds to your plan of study for the upcoming semester. You may choose courses from other departments/faculties at VUC depending on the programme you are enrolled in and the course you are interested in.

If you register a course with pre-requisites or limited number of places, you will receive a result as soon as the administration has processed your pre-registration. You will see the result in Studentweb

Should you not be allowed to pre-register for the course you have selected, you will be able to select new courses when the ordinary course registration opens at the start of each semester. 

Pay the semester fee on time to complete your registration for the upcoming semester!


Studentweb is the online student portal at VUC which enables you to do a number of actions related to your studies at VUC, including:

  • semester registration and paying the semester fee
  • approving your Study Plan
  • course registration
  • ask for justification for your exam grade
  • appeal your exam grade

Students must register for the semester in Studentweb at certain registration periods

Studentweb also allows you to see the information VUC has stored on you in terms of:

  • grades and exam results
  • contact information
  • information sent to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lanekassen)

You will also find important information for your exams in Studentweb, including:

  • exam dates for your courses
  • your exam candidate number
  • exam room (for classrom examinations)

You log on to Studentweb with your VUC user account (also known as FEIDE-account). It is the same username and password you use to log in to Canvas. If you have forgot your username or password, or wish to alter your password, go to Self Service Password Reset.

Contact Student services in Berte Kanutte-huset if you have any questions.

Semester fee

All VUC students, except from incoming exchange students from partner universities, must pay the semester fee.

Students generate the invoice in Studentweb. To do so, follow the notification on the front page or generate invoice by chossing "More" in the top-menue, and then "Payment". 

The semester fee must be paid by September 1st for the autumn semester and/or February 1st for the spring semester.


Who needs to pay the semester fee?
All VUC students must pay the semester fee, including VUC students on student exchange to one of our partner universities abroad. However, incoming exchange students from partner universities similarly pay the semester fee at their home institution and do not have to pay the semester fee to VUC. 

Moreover, students who have already paid the semester fee at another Norwegian university or university college for the same semester will get parts of the VUC semester fee waived. In such cases, the student must request semester fee waiver from VUC and document having paid the semester fee at another institution. Deadlines to apply for waived semester fee is September 1st for the autumn semester and February 1st for the spring semester.

If you cancel your place of study at VUC you can request reimbursement from paid semester fees. The deadline for requesting reimbursement is September 1st for the autumn semester and February 1st for the spring semester.

Note! Registration as a student at VUC is a contractual relationship between VUC and the individual student. The student is always responsible to make sure that the semester fee is paid on time, also in cases where this fee is covered by an employer, social services, etc.

What do I need to pay?

  • Semester fee to the Student Welfare Association (SiVolda) = 450 NOK
    Mandatory to pay by law in Norway.
  • Voluntary fee to SAIH - Students and Academics International Helpfund = 40 NOK
    SAIH is an NGO working to improve access to higher education in the global south. You can read more about SAIH's work here:
    If you do not wish to support SAIH, you may reduce the invoice by 40 NOK per semester.
  • Semester fee to Volda University College = 250 NOK
    To cover costs related to Kopinor and various lisences for IT-programmes.

These fees were last updated in the autum semester 2018.

Please contact Student services in the BK-building if you have any questions.


Semester receipt/Digital Student ID

Volda University College offers a digital Student ID (Studentbevis app) which replaces the paper-based semester receipt.

The digital Student ID can be downloaded on your mobile device through the app and will be accepted as proof of student status by Rokken student house and various public transport companies in Norway. 


How to get the digital Student ID:

  1. Download the app: App store (IOS) - Google Play (Android) - Windows store
    Degree students must have paid the semester fee and registered for courses in order to use get the Digital student ID.
    Note that it may take up to 5 days from you pay the semester fee until this is fully registered in the VUC systems.
  2. In the app, select Volda University College (Høgskulen i Volda) and log on using your FEIDE user account. This is the username and password you use to register for courses in StudentWeb and also the same username/password you use for Canvas.
  3. Read the terms of use and accept these. 
  4. If you have paid the semster fee and registered for the semester, the proof of student status will be shown in a yellow box at the bottom of the screen. The proof of student status will be downloaded in the app so it can be shown also without wifi/4G coverage.


No photo in the digital Student ID?
On-campus students will get a student card (key card) with photo. See more about the student card underneath.

If you have not received such a student card (if you are an online student etc.), you can still use the digital Student ID without a photo. If so, you need to also show accepted forms of photo ID together with the digital Student ID.

No smartphone?
For students who do not own a smartphone, it is possible to request a traditional paper-based semester receipt through StudentWeb. From the top menue select "More" and then "Order". The semester receipt will be sent by post to the address you have registered in StudentWeb.

Please contact Student services in the BK-building if you have any questions.

VUC Student Card

VUC students who are on-campus will be issued a student card. This cards serves as:

  • Key card
    To access buildings and doors on campus using the card and PIN-code. The PIN-code is generated in the registration process for new students and you can change the PIN-code in Studentweb. VUC students can access all main buildings 24/7. If you need access to special rooms (labs, workshops, etc.), such access will be awarded to students based on the courses registered in Studentweb. If you cannot access necessary special rooms it may be because you have not registered for the necessary courses in StudentWeb or not paid the semester fee.
  • Library card
    The student card can be used as a library card in the VUC library. The barcode and numbers on the back of the card is your library ID-number.
  • Print card
    The student card can be used for copying/printing on campus. VUC uses the system Kofax for printing. To print something, you must:
    • From a student PC on campus: log on to the PC, open the document you wish to print and select the printer "Print.hivolda på HVO-S-PS-01" - then select "Print"
    • Print from a privat PC/tablet: log on with your FEIDE username/password on the site:
    • Go to one of the printers on campus, place your student card on the card reader to print your document

Included in your student card is 30 pages of printing. You need to pay for further printing by charging your student card. You can pay with most credit cards and charge your print quota on the Kofax Web Client (log on with FEIDE username/password)

The student card is not valid as an ID card unless used in combination with the digital Student ID on your smart phone.

Student cards are issued at Student services on the ground floor in the BK-building on campus.

Lost student cards
Contact Student services if you have lost your card and need to de-activate it. You may get a new card issued at Studentservices (extra card costs 100 NOK).
Note that the old card will stop working as a key card once you get a second card issued.

Automatic exchange of exam results

In Norway, there is a digital system which enables exchange of results between Norwegian higher education institutions. This is relevant for students who have for example completed a Bachelor's degree at one Norwegian university and apply for a Master's programme at another. It is not necessary for the student to give individual acceptance each time a university/university college that you have applied to wants to extract your exams and degrees from the system.

See more information about exchange of results, which also include an overview of which Norwegian higher educaiton institutions that take part in this digital solution.