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Mailing adress

Volda University College
Mailbox 500
6101 VOLDA

Volda University College
Mailbox 114 Admission
6101 VOLDA

Organization number


Phone and Email

7007 5000 betweenmellom kl. 08.00 – 15.45 (15.00 in the summer)


Visiting address

Joplassvegen 11
6103 VOLDA

Invoice reference code

Our reference code will be informed as order is placed.

EHF invoice address

0192:974809672 (peppol)
If EHF invoice is not possible, a pdf-copy of invoice can be sent to Attachments must be merged with invoice into one pdf-document.

Invoicing adress

Høgskulen i Volda
Postboks 500
6101 Volda