Special needs

Students who are dyslexic, suffer from a chronical or mental illness, or have other diagnoses that may affect their lives in a study situation can be offered special needs assistance. Academic requirements cannot be lowered, but we can look for other solutions to your challenges. Student adviser Ingunn Teigen Blindheim is working actively to facilitate education opportunities for students with special needs.

Each case is considered individually, to ensure help is offered in a professional manner. It is important that you document your challenges, but also that you share with us previous experiences and support you have been offered. Helping students with special needs spans from help with reading course material, to teaching aids, group work, practical issues, increased examination time etc.

Contact Ingunn Teigen Blindheim if you have any questions regarding adaptation for your day-to-day study situation.

Special teaching arrangements - how?

First of all, you must tell us about the need for special teaching arrangements, and bring with you what you have of documentation. Contact the Student Service Office or the Student Adviser, and we will talk about further action, in accordance with your wishes.

There are various requirements in the course of studies, and it is useful to talk with someone from the academic community.  We often therefore start with a meeting where someone from the academic community participates. Others that may be required to meet us are the counsellor from the Student Welfare Organisation, or someone from the exam office.

We are bound by confidentiality in regard of everything you tell us.

Academic requirements cannot be lowered, but we can look for solutions related to teaching, exercises and work requirements, practice and examinations.

Examples of measures that may be applicable:
- Additional time and / or use of PC at the exam
- Extended deadlines for course work requirements
- Measures linked to teaching, in collaboration with the lecturer
- Help to apply for audiobooks or auto correcting/dictionary programme (LingDys)
- Examination for dyslexia or cognitive diagnosis
- Referral to a psychologist
- Access to the library via elevator - talk to the library desk about this

Aid with special teaching arrangements

Audiobooks from NLB - Norsk lyd- og blindskrift bibliotek
NLB is a national library, with audio books and curriculum printed in Braille. Anyone who has a diagnosis that affects reading skills, concentration or the like has the right to borrow from NLB. This may include impaired vision, dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, etc. This must be documented by a professional - read more on NLB's website for borrowers.

Contact the counsellor at the Student Welfare Organisation or a librarian at the library, if you need help to apply for borrowing rights at NLB. 


Scanning text to digital speech
In the university college library there is equipment for scanning curriculum literature to audio files. To use this equipment, you must document that you have dyslexia or the like.
You can only scan for your own use in your study, which you will find information about at Kopinor.

If you want access to this service, please contact Student Adviser Ingunn Teigen Blindheim at the Student Service Office, tel. +47 70 07 52 90.

Contact the library to receive a quick introduction to using the equipment. The scanning equipment is located in a separate room in the library, which you access when you have learned how to use the equipment. You can book the room at times that suit your needs.

Hjelpemiddelsentralen offers an online dictionary/auto correcting programme (LingDys), which can help many of those who have reading and writing difficulties. If you need it, you can apply for this computer programme and other types of aid. You can also get help to apply for this by contacting the Student Welfare Organisation counsellor.

Measures from NAV
Nav has different types of aid, but most of them are only given to students who get their education through initiatives supported financially by grants from NAV. 
Do you need something that is not mentioned above? Do contact us and we will see what we can do.

Special examination arrangements
Read more about Special examination arrangements here.

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