Rising trend in Covid-19 cases: Familiarise yourself with regulations

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Volda University College (VUC) follows closely the increase in the local number of Covid-19 cases, in collaboration with the health authorities. Given the national restrictions enforced last week and the new cases in the municipality, VUC reminds its students and employees of the importance of following infection control measurements and official advice. 

In the course of the last week, new cases of Covid-19 were registered in Volda. Many persons have experienced being placed in quarantine, while waiting for test results. VUC is meeting with the local health authorities on a regular basis and keep a close dialogue on the topic. Together, they encourage students and employees to keep themselves updated on the evolution of the local cases, on the municipality’s website, and well as follow the advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI). 


- We follow national advice and measures and have adopted temporary regulations for exams, teaching, attendance. These allow us to be flexible and allow for exemption from obligatory attendance, for example, in case of quarantine or sickness. We have also replaced all school written exams with digital exams this semester. If you are sick, you should of course stay home – and we will strive to offer you the best alternatives for teaching, classes and possibly exemption from attendance, says Karen L. Jacobsen, VUC director and the head of the crisis management team. 

Ms. Jacobsen specifies that VUC will not implement new infection control measures at this point. National restrictions and measures are already in place, however, VUC keeps a close dialogue with the local health authorities and will consider implementing reinforced measures, if necessary. 

- We will come with updated information immediately, if any of the measures change or if we must implement new advice and measures. The most important at the moment is that we all focus on knowing and following the existing measures: wash the hands often and thorough, stay home if you are sick and keep the one-meter distance. Jacobsen reminds everyone that meetings can be held over Zoom, if classrooms or meeting rooms are to small. 



- Take care of each other and contact your closest leader or faculty if you have further questions, says Jacobsen. 

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