New, national Covid-19 restrictions for Norway

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The Norwegian Government announced new national restrictions 26th of October. The strengthened restrictions come into force at midnight tonight and will be valid until early December.

The aim is for the infection rate to flatten out, between now and Christmas. Below you will find an overview of the measures, but please read carefully the Government’s official corona website for detailed news.

Also, before planning on any travels around Christmas time, please consider the infection situation at the destination, travel and local restrictions and quarantine upon return. If you live in the student dorms, contact SiVolda about the quarantine regulations and restrictions.


New restrictions:

  • It is not allowed to have more than five guests in private homes, gardens or cabins, unless the persons belong to the same household. In the context of the student dorms, the norm until now is that students on a corridor represent a household. Please refer to SiVolda for more details.
  • Limit the number of people you socialise with and keep as much as possible to the same social groups
  • Private gatherings in public spaces, or within rented premises are strictly limited to 50 participants, and only if strict infection control measurements can be applied

In addition, the Government allows local authorities to apply extra measurements, if necessary. These restrictions are not implemented in Volda yet, but please keep yourselves updated with the newest information for Volda. Examples of restriction that can be implemented in Volda are: limiting gatherings to maximum 10 people, restrictions on the number of people you meet in a week, obligatory masks in public places, shorter opening hours in pubs and restaurants etc. 

There have been changes to the quarantine regulations as well, but up until now they only affect immigrant and seasonal workforce and not students. You can read more on the Government’s website.


New cases of Covid-19 in Volda

NB! Volda municipality just announced two new cases of Covid-19 infection, today, 27th October. There are no further details at the moment, but this is a sharp reminder that we can be affected at any time. Now that infection is present in Volda as well, we must remember all the advice, recommendations and rules that we have talked about since the start of the pandemic.

It is important that you respect the 1-meter distancing, have strict hand and cough hygiene and most importantly, that you stay home if you do not feel good. Contact the health authorities (Koronatelefon for Volda og Ørsta: tlf. 70 05 89 60) if you have any symptoms of airways infections, headache, fever, fatigue etc. Testing is free and anonymous and can be done in Volda! It is important that no cases go undetected, so we can protect ourselves, our colleagues and the community.

The current global, national and local situation are heavy burdens on all of us. Our lives have been turned on their heads for many months now and in addition to the constant physical threat, there is always the phycological aspect that affects us. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and take care!

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