R&D Award 2021: -The award winner has made a name for himself

Tekst: Karl August Swanstrøm

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He is a sought-after planning lecturer with skills in demand both nationally and internationally. Professor Roar Amdam may not have expected to receive the Research & Development award, but he certainly deserved it.

Yes, it was well deserved, according to some of those who nominated him for the R&D award, including Rector Johann Roppen and others who attended the award ceremony at Volda University College’s library. Roar Amdam is regarded as a man of honor at VUC, where he has spent his last 35 years, and accomplished a great deal. 

Johann Roppen commenced with telling about a journey that began with what was then known as the District University College in Volda in 1983, until receiving visible proof that he is the recipient of the R&D award at Volda University College in 2021. After working for Møreforskning Volda between 1986-1993, Amdam has since been employed at VUC.

Roppen og Roar Amdam
Rektor Johann Roppen og prisvinnar Roar Amdam. Foto: Brandal.

High regard

Amdam was cand. agric. by the institution which is today known as Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU, back in 1977. He started his working career as a planner in Sande municipality. He then did further research on and with primary municipalities and county municipalities year after year since, and benefited by working in the occupational field himself.    

- With such a history, it’s no surprise that the award winner and the academic environment in which he works are held in high regard by many of those who work in municipalities and local administration – particularly those who have received their education in Volda. In periods of time, he has almost been constantly traveling, conveying and debating subjects in the field, Roppen remarked. 

In 1998, the award recipient received his doctorate from NMBU. His thesis was submitted as two reports published in the writing series of Volda University College and Møreforsking Volda in 1997.

The embedded plan: Discussion of criteria by alternative business planning (Norwegian)
The neglected region: assessment of business planning in the Ålesund region (Norwegian) 

Amdam received the title as Professor in 2002. 

More than planning

Central concepts in Amdam’s research are instrumental and communicative rationality, collaborative planning and innovation, as well as legitimising planning and management. The overall field is how planning is used, and can be used as a tool to promote desired development in organisations and societies. 

Amdam’s study has had a significant impact on the development of the Master’s degree in society planning and management, which has been around for more than 20 years and has a high profile thanks to his work. 

The award winner possesses a level of competence that is sought after both nationally and internationally – not only in the field which is traditionally identified as planning, but also in public health, local community work and innovation. 

Roar Amdam
I forskingsdatabasen Cristin er professor Roar Amdam notert med over 400 bidrag. I biblioteka sin Bibsys-katalog står han med over 100 bidrag. Foto: Brandal.


In his address, Roppen mentioned the inclusive character of Amdam.

– He’s recognised for including colleagues, peers and students in active projects and he’s constantly close by when there are academic activities, particularly research, going on around him. According to Roppen, it’s said that he finds the finest academics in the fields he oversees, generates easy enthusiasm around academic findings, and is thus a master in constructing and developing his own academic communities.

Amdam has been keen to disseminate his research in publications, anthologies and other venues. He has almost 400 contributions in the Cristin research database. In the BibSys library catalogue, he’s acclaimed for over 100 contributions. 

- This year's award winner has made a name for himself in terms of research, development and distribution, Roppen says.

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