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"Professional decision making in avalanche terrain" (2020-2024). The aim of the project is to study how professional Mountain Guides make decisions on behalf of their clients in a risky mountain environment. The project is a part of CARE, Center for Avalanche Research and Education at Department of psychology/University of Tromsø. CARE is an interdiciplinary research center that focus on decision making under uncertainty. More info: Other research interests include the guide role, leadership and risk management.  



Stig has 20 years experience as a mountain guide, working with climbing and skiing both nationally and internationally. For many years he was Technical Director in the Norwegian Mountain Guide Association. He currently teaches mountain related skills at Volda University College and also works for the Norwegian Avalanche Warning Service (Varsom) as a field observer. He is also a keen hobby photographer



IFMGA Mountain Guide Diploma. 

Master of Physical Education, Sports and Outdoor Studies.

Bachelor in Sports, Physical Activity and Health.


Teaching areas

Bachelor in Outdoor Studies: Snow and avalanche, rescue, ski touring, mountaineering, adventure leadership and the guide role

Bachelor in Sports: Skiing, ski technique and instructional skills


Vitskapeleg arbeid



Korleis bruke skredvarslinga som eit verktøy for planlegging og gjennomføring av alpine skiturar
Publisert 2018 av Stig Løland

Skred, risiko og ferdsel i alpine vinterfjell
Publisert 2018 av Einar Løken, Stig Løland

Skredfare i vente
Publisert 2017 av Stig Løland

Stor skredfare i fjellet
Publisert 2017 av Stig Løland

Skal bli forbilde for folk på tur
Publisert 2016 av Stig Løland, Tarjei Ofstad, Dag Erik Wold

Avalanche Training and the historical outline of the Norwegian Mountain Guides Association
Publisert 2016 av Stig Løland

Publisert 2016 av Stig Løland

A polar bear attack – reflection on rule based risk management in Adventure Tourism
Publisert 2016 av Ola Einang, Sigmund Andersen, Stig Løland

Nature guiding: supporting guest happiness along with a low ecological footprint
Publisert 2016 av Helga Synnevåg Løvoll, Ola Einang, Sigmund Andersen, Stig Løland

The instructor selection for mountain guide training in the norwegian mountain guides association.
Publisert 2016 av Stig Løland

Utstyrskappløp i naturen
Publisert 2010 av Stig Løland