What should we name the new media house at VUC?

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VUC invites students and employees to share their best suggestions for names to the new media house. The signature building are due to be finished for semester start 2021, but the name should be ready this fall. 

- Bring on all your great suggestions, says director of VUC, Karen Lomeland Jacobsen, Together with the project group, she invites all students and employees to contribute in the process of finding the name for our new media house. 

- This is a house for all of us at VUC, and we are many looking forward to this - so it is a pleasure for us to invite everyone to be part of this process, says Lomeland Jacobsen. 

Other buildings on the campus area have been named through similar processes, says principal Johann Roppen, and points to Synnøve Riste in 2010 and Berte Kanutte in 1998. Roppen says this is a great tradition he is happy to see continue. 

Send your suggestion by e-mail marked "Name media house" to postmottak@hivolda.no by 12th of June
Include name and why you think this is a name suitable for "the world's best media house"

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