Students at VUC made a music video for former song contest-winner

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Thea Floer Kulsengs new music video was made by students at Volda University College. Kulsengs song, Aurora, is her first single after winning the Norwegian version of Eurovision for children in 2015. 

The single Aurora is about the northern lights, and the artists love for her hometown Harstad. Erasmus-students Theresa Geissinger and Lukas Schlott filmed the video in February, and now it’s finally released. 

– It was so much fun, and we learned so much making the video, says Geissinger.  

They were offered the job by their former teacher in Outdoor Media Production, Dag S. Roland, after they were selected to go to Harstad during their class with him the previous semester. Geissinger and Schlott both agreed that they wanted to do it, even though none of them had ever made a music video. 

– It seemed like a good opportunity to get some real-life experience, says Geissinger. 
– And of course, to do some networking, which is very important in the media business, adds Schlott.    

Freezing cold and a foreign language 

Geissinger and Schlott planned and shot the film themselves, with guidance and support from Roland when needed. But there were some challanges the students had to find a way to work around on their own.

– It was really cold, and Kulseng couldn’t wear too much clothes while we were filming, so we had to film for 30 minutes then go inside to warm up before we could film for 30 minutes again, says Schlott.  

The cold weather wasn’t the only challenge the students had to solve. The lyrics are in Norwegian, but both Geissinger and Schlott are German. 

– We got a rough translation, so we understood most of the lyrics, but it was a bit difficult to know what she meant all the time, says Geissinger. 

Would do it again 

All challenges aside, the two students are very clear: 

– It was a challenge for sure, but it was absolutely worth it! We recommend everyone who gets opportunities like this to just go for it! And we got to see the northern lights and a lot of moose for the first time, adds Geissinger laughing. 

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