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Catchy films and cool concepts created by media students have made the VUC Library popular on social media.

-We wanted to make the library more appealing for students. The VUC library has so much to offer, says head librarian Mona Iren Auganæs.

This is evident in the films released on the Library’s social media channels over the last weeks. Every week a new video is released, illustrating some of the many services that the Library can provide to students. The films use humour and action to catch attention.


One would expect these videos to be popular among the target audience for the library, namely the students. 

-Yes, that was the main motivation for us to use media students on this kind of projects. The students know best how to reach out to the target audience, says Auganæs. 
-The students have done a great job and provided us high-quality films. When we consider that these are first-year students, the results are even more impressive, says the head librarian. 

The VUC Library actively uses social media to provide information and often use humour and contests to spur interest. Follow the Library on Facebook and Instagram to find the new videos made by media students.

Below you will also find examples of these films.

«How do you do it?”

The feedback on the content has been positive from both students and others. Auganæs is very happy to have staff members who do not mind taking part in these social media campaigns.

-They are such great sports and give of themselves to support these projects even if they are pushed out of their comfort zones. 
When meeting colleagues from other libraries, they often get response such as “How do you do it? These films are such great fun!». Our social media posts have spread and received feedback from many other libraries, which makes it even more fun, says Auganæs. 

Learning from practice

These quotes are music to the ears of Silje Birknes, the VUC assistant professor in charge of the Media Production programme. Media production students, together with students from PR & Communication, have worked in groups to produce the social media content for the library. The work has been part of the course “Practical Media Production”. 

-We want students to get a real-life practical experience from the outset and this is a very good example of this. Students create these productions already in the first year and can include them in their portfolio, says Birknes.

Help from former student

To make this project especially relevant and authentic, VUC alumni Peder Haugfos was hired to tutor the students. The former journalism student has lots of experience with video production for social media and creating content that interest the target audiences of youths and young adults.

-Haugfos was incredibly important in this project and it is especially fun for us to use a former VUC student in this role. He was great at helping the students convey a clear message in an entertaining way, and his energetic and fun way of being fit the project perfectly, says Birknes. 

This rubbed off on the students, who initially were sceptical to the idea of creating entertaining media content for the library.

-It may sound a bit boring at first, but it did not take long until the students were all excited, says Birknes with a smile.

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