Student Health Clinic to continue its work

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Almost 1300 students visited the Student Health Clinic in Volda in 2018. – The figures clearly show that this is an important service for students, says Director of Studies at Volda University College, Gonnie Smit. 

The Health Clinic is a collaboration between Volda University College, the Volda Student Welfare Organisation and Volda Municipality. 

Tests and contraceptives 

The Student Health Clinic offers free condoms, tests for sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy and advice on prevention and staying safe.  

– We can test for sexually transmitted diseases that do not require a blood test, such as chlamydia. We also issue prescriptions for birth control pills and we insert contraceptive implants, explains public health nurse Ellen Engset. 

She is very pleased with the new premises in the pavilion at Øyra School, but there is one thing in particular she thinks is still missing.  

– I think it would be great if we could get the facilities and the training to insert long-term contraceptives such as the coil. This is not something we are not able to offer in our current facilities.

Open two days per week 

The Health Clinic is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 14:00 and 16:30. On Tuesdays there is a doctor on site while on Thursdays the clinic is staffed by two nurses. Students can visit the clinic without making an appointment in advance.  

– Many students find it difficult to visit their regular GP since they are not from Volda, so this is a good service with regards to sexual health, says Smit. 

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