Rokken – the heart of student Volda

Tekst: Line Lauvsnes Oddekalv , Foto: Torstein Sperstad

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The best artists of Norway, friends for life, Wednesday Quiz, karaoke, music festivals, dancing, work experience, and a whoooooole lot more (the list itself could make this text seriously long!). It all happens at the student house Rokken.

If you like any of the above activities, you’ll love Rokken. One who definitely does that, is Åge Staurset. Let’s just call him Mr. Rokken. He’s been in charge of the student house for the last five years, and does «everything» there, according to himself.

– My life had not been the same without Rokken, says Staurset. 

But it was NOT love at first sight... 

A whole new community  

He was two and a half years into his music studies before he thought of volunteering at the student house. Rokken is run by students, and the main work force consists of volunteer crew members. – Before that, I didn’t see the point of working for free. I thought it was a stupid concept, laughs Åge. Today, it’s one of his biggest regrets – not discovering the joy of taking part in the Rokken crew before.

– Suddenly I got to know a lot of students from other classes. Some of them still my best friends today, says Åge. He discovered a whole new community, a new network. He knows he shares this experience with a long list of people. – I can’t even count the number of people that have told me the same story since starting volunteer work at Rokken. 

– Rokken makes it easier to get to know studens outside your own class. Let’s call it «forced» socializing, in a positive way. You are working together, co-operating, sharing something and have a lot of talking points just there!

Åge Staurset.
Photo: Joakim Riise.

Room for everyone 

For Rokken to be able to have the broad culture offer they have, around 200 students are sharing the work load making the wheels turn. The scene is broadly known, and the biggest names in Norwegian music have Rokken on their tour plan. And in addition to the concerts, there is always something happening at the student house. Quiz nights, open mic, disco Saturdays, football on big screens – something for everyone, promises Åge: 

–  It’s definitely a place where everyone should be able to feel at home, a place for students to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. With or without alcohol; we won’t accept any drinking pressure here! 
–  We are also open to student initiatives or suggestions for arrangements. If you want, you can even have Rokken for hire. Creativity are very welcome, come see us if you have an idea, says the manager. 

Great working experience

Åge is definitely looking forward to the new semester, and for new students to get to know Rokken. Usually, there’s a waiting list to be able to do volunteer work at the student house. –  Something we’re happy about – it means the students like it here, Åge comments. 

And there’s a lot of different tasks on the list: Technical crew, working light, sound and similar, bartending, selling tickets at the door, hanging coats, and so on. And the experience can be really valuable: – Several crew members have gotten their training at Rokken and continued working in sound or light, for example. Regardless of task, it is great for your resymé, promises Åge. 

Himself being an example, getting the manager job straight out of school. –  It’s my dream job! I get to book artists, work in the technical crew, run a scene and be part of a social hot spot. Last, but not least: Get to work side by side with engaged students! That’s the best of all, says Mr. Rokken. 


Follow Rokken on Facebook or Instagram, make sure to pay them a visit or thousand, and let them know if you want to be part of the crew! More info on their web page.

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