Partial reopening of Volda University College

Tekst: Per Arne Brandal

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Students will be given access to VUC campus from May 14 to avoid any delays in academic progress. This applies to all students at VUC. Students should evaluate their own need to access our campus facilities in order to maintain their academic progression.

This may be relevant to you if you need access to:

  • Workshops, labs or other equipment
  • Meeting rooms for study groups
  • More suited study environment than you have in your accommodation
  • Library.

Please note the following information:

  • Students may use the VUC campus from May 14, 2020 given they follow the most up to date guidelines for infection control measures.
  • To be able to access the VUC campus, the student must have familiarised themselves with the guidelines for infection control measures

Guidelines for accessing Volda University College (VUC) campus for students – May and June 2020

Infectionist counselor can be found here. This must be read and reviewed by everyone who is going to be in the college area.


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