Nybø: - Volda is an excellent choice! 

Tekst: Line Lauvsnes Oddekalv

- Oppdatert

The Minister of research and higher education, Iselin Nybø, was the main speaker of the semester opening at Volda University College. She praised the students for choosing a great school, and the Norwegian Government for investing in VUC. 

One hour prior to welcoming the students from the stage, the Minister of research and higher education held a press conference, where she on behalf of the Government gave permission to start building the new Media House at VUC. Showing that the politicians are truly investing in Volda University College. 


Friends for life

In her speach, Nybø took a trip down memory lane, and shared experiences from her days as a law student. She reminded the students that this time goes by so fast, and that it is a time they should cherish. 
- Starting your higher ecucation is a great step, and for many of you this is also a new place to live. Volda is an excellent choice! You’ll get new knowledge and new friends. Research shows that the friends you make between 15 and 25 often are the ones you keep throughout your life. Maybe you’ll meet some of them for the first time today? 


Knowledge for the future

Nybø talked about the development of the future and the rapid speed of technology. - Half of what we know today might be outdated already in few years, she said. – But even though the changes are coming fast, the skills and competence you’ll get in Volda will make you equipped to meet the future. It’s important to learn facts and knowledge, but sometimes it’s even more important to learn about how to learn! These ways of work and methods will never go out of style! But kowledge won’t come for free. It might be a bit harsh to remind you of this on your first day, but: It’s hard work!


- Have fun!

The minister compared the study life to a marathon, with a lot going on. She encouraged them to have fun and to be active next to the studies. - Find a hobby or things to do in the spare time as well. Maybe even be late in bed after a great party, said Nybø. 
- I want to wish you all a great start of the semester. I hope you will have a great time here in Volda!


Roppen: - Important part of the future

Volda University College is sertified Eco-lighthouse, and principal Johann Roppen spent part of his welcoming speach reminding everyone of how important the knowledge achieved in VUC will be for the future. 
- The UN Sustainable Development Goal number 13 is to make a stop to climate change. What can we as students and researcher contribute with? We can hope for technological break throughs, but we already have a lot of the knowledge on global warming – and we have had this for a long while. Now it’s about how we use this knowledge, said Roppen. 
- Education, media, culture courses and community planning are just some of the classes you can take in Volda. So by studying at VUC, by being part of our knowledge community, you are joining in on our common vision: Knowledge for the future. Future is about more than tech, buying and selling. The future is about people. 



Roppen encoured the students to take care of each other, and to care about fellow students:– Ask people how they are doing, and care about the answer. Moving to a new place and finding your ways might be easier in a small town like Volda, compared to other places. But still: Take care of each other! Either you are attending a party at legendary Rokken Student House, when you are at the school, online or outdoors. 

Our nature here at Sunnmøre is amazing, and our sutdents are using it actively, said Roppen: - We have the most beautiful nature in the world. Sharp mountain tops, wild winds and a lot of clean water, both at sea, at land and from above, he said – looking at the rainy clouds. But the Volda and Ørsta mountains have unfortunately also taken lives. It’s risky tracking in some mountains. So: Go outside. Use the nature. The snow. But first and foremost, use your brain when you are doing it. We have a lot of students, and we don’t want to loose anyone of you. 

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