Nomination for the Student Parliament

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Until Thursday 9 September, you can nominate yourself as a candidate to be a representative in the Student Parliament at Volda University College.

The nomination period is underway and you as a student at Volda University College (HVO) have the opportunity to gain good political experience and influence your own everyday study.

One year - seven meetings

The Student Parliament has 11 permanent and 11 deputy representatives who are to be elected after the nomination period is over. Two are elected from each of the four departments at HVO, in addition to three independent representatives who are not locked into any department. These serve as equalization mandates.

The representatives sit in one academic year, where seven meetings they attend are arranged, approximately one meeting a month from September to April. Of course, there will also be social activities and gatherings. It should be fun to participate in student democracy!

Here you nominate yourself for the Student Parliament

Can improve the studies

The Student Parliament is by and for the students and is the link between the students and the management at the college.

Read more about the Student Parliament here.

Trond-Fredrik Hoddevik, leader of the Student Parliament.

They work to improve the studies and secure students' interests and rights, both academically and in terms of welfare. The student parliament makes decisions on behalf of the students, and the parliamentary meetings are open to all students.

– There may be things at the college you are not completely happy with. Then the smartest thing to do is to get involved. The Student Parliament is the place where you get the best opportunity to change your everyday study. In addition, such a commitment provides added value, since you get insight into how the college works, says Trond-Fredrik Hoddevik, head of the working committee in the Student Parliament.

Social outing

He says that after the election they will have a gathering in Ulsteinvik and Flø, which is beautifully situated in the ocean gap in Ulstein municipality.

– Then training will be given to the new representatives. In addition to us getting to know each other and having a social and fun time together, Hoddevik promises.

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