No Corona delay for new media house 

Tekst: Line Lauvsnes Oddekalv , Foto: Høgskulen i Volda

- Oppdatert

Despite slowing down the project to follow Corona guidelines, the «world’s best media house» is on schedule for opening in August 2021. 

When Norway more or less got put on hold due to Corona restrictions in March, this also affected the building of Volda College University’s new media house. In November, principal Johann Roppen was one of the people doing the first digging of the project. He called it «the world’s best media house», and the plan was for it to be finished for the start of the semester in August 2021.

First digging in the media house project!

The question now were: Did the Corona restrictions have an inpact on these plans? 
Luckily, the answer is NO. We talk to project manager of Statsbygg, Jens K. Hersløv. He tells us that they are a couple of days behind scheudle, at the worst.
- And if everything else plays out according to our plans, the house still will be ready for the media students and everyone else in August 2021, he smiles. 

The project never came to a complete stop, and both PEAB/K. Nordang and VUC have solved the Corona restrictions and overcoming the hurdles that brought with in the best way possible, says the project manager. 
- Planning and prioritizing both workers and tasks, and using digital tools to follow up on the project has been some of the key measures. We are really happy with the effort from everyone, says Hersløv. 

With Norwegian government lifting Corona restrictions slowly, the project is yet again speeding up – of course following all guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading. 


You can watch the project «live» on (norwegian text on page). Here we refresh a new image from the building site every 15 minutes. 

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