Mental Health-month at VUC

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October 10th is World Mental Health Day. At VUC, we use the entire month to focus on this important subject. This week’s program includes a class in dealing with loneliness, an early morning work-out and free lunch for all students and employees. 

«Give time» is this year’s subject for the World Mental Health Day. We want to use the entire month to focus on this important issue and hopefully make everyone able to participate and give time to a class, course or free meal together with other students, VUC employees or people from Volda. 


Focus: Loneliness 

Mental Health-month is a collaboration between VUC, the Studentparliament, the Studenthumanist and Studentsamskipnaden, and the different program posts are based on input from the students. 
- We want to create places to meet for the students, and offer classes and courses that the students really want, says advisor Eli Anne Løksa at Studentsamskipnaden. 

Last week famous psychologist Peder Kjøs visited Volda, and talked about ups and downs one can experience as a student. This week, loneliness is the subject for the external speaker visiting us. – The goal is to give insight in what loneliness is, and what you can do to handle the program, says speaker Marit Rønning Lund, advisor in Studentsamskipnaden in Trondheim. The class is at Thursday October 10th. It’s free, and you will get free food. It starts 2.30 pm – see all info in the calender. 


Morning training with Anna

If you want a fresh start to the morning of the 10th of October, you can participate in free training at Stamina Familiy Club in downtown Volda, lead by Anna Rudin of the Studentparliament. This is a session inspired of yoga, tai chi and pilates, and it starts at 0800. 


Free lunch for everyone

Later Thursday, the arrangement committee of the Mental Health-month invites everyone to join a free lunch in the BK cafeteria at 11 am

A warm welcome! 

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