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Fancy free food and a good conversation with other students? Then you should sign up for «Meet & eat» at Rokken! The first night is Tuesday, February 9th. 

«Meet & eat at Rokken» will be held every other Tuesday. Beef and pannacotta is on the menu at the kick off, February 9th. Dinner’s served in the cafeteria at Rokken at 6pm, but you should feel free to show up earlier to socialize! 

On each table, you’ll find tips to help the conversations flow. Look out for both usual and unusual subjects to talk about! 

Tickets at Tikkio and Covd-19 restrictions

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only 10 students can participate the first night, and this will be following updated restrictions going forward. We cross our fingers for being able to invite more people in the near future! 

Order your tickets through Tikkio! (Please, remember to cancel if you change your mind.) 

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Students behind the concept

The students Trygve Taranger and Allan Levi Melby are the brains behind the concept. They wanted to create a place for judgement free socialization. A happy place where thoughts can be shared and ideas can be presented, and where we open for feedback and friendship. 

Add dinner, and the duo feel this is close to perfection: 

– We had the idea before covid, but now there’s even more reasons to have and join such an arrangement. Firstly, there’s free food, and second, a lot of studens have been alone this last year – a meeting place is probably welcome. Simply to see other people! In additon, we hope that people also feel wiser going home from «Meet & eat»

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