Happy public transport news for students

Tekst: Line Lauvsnes Oddekalv

More frequent buses stopping by Volda College University (VUC), schedule set to fit our school day and cheaper tickets awaits! Monthly subscriptions will be half the price for students come fall. 

Between Volda and Ørsta, the bus will pass by VUC every 20 minutes in the time frame 7 am – 10 am and 2pm – 5 pm. Come fall, our days at VUC will start 8.30 am, and the bus routes is adjusted to fit this schedule.This also applies for buses to and from Ålesund, Stryn, Ulstein, Hareid, Herøy and Sande. In other words: All sorrounding towns.

500 norwegian kroner a month

FRAM, the company running public transport for Volda and the area around, has also given quite the student discount: A monthly subscription that gives you access to bus, ferry and boat transport in all of Møre and Romsdal will be yours for 500 norwegain kroner – compared to the former price of 1100 kroner! The ticket type is called FRAM Student. 

Student ID required

To qualify for such a discount, you simply have to be able to show a student ID, and receipt for paid semester fee. The age limit for FRAM Student is set to 30 years. You will be able to download this ticket through the FRAM app or apply it to a travel card. 
- We are happy to see these changes, and hope this will make it even easier for our students to use public transport, says rector of VUC, Johann Roppen.  

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