Everyone arriving from affected region asked to test

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- Oppdatert

Volda municipality has published a press release encouraging everyone who have stayed in or travelled from the eastern parts of Norway (the greater Oslo region) to get tested for Covid-19.

The Norwegian government on January 23 issued new and stricter infection control measures in many municipalities around Oslo following an outbreak of the mutated Corona-virus first discovered in England. This is the first known community transmission of the mutated Corona-virus in Norway and both national and local governments are concerned that it can spread also to the rest of the country.

Volda municipality therefore asks everyone who have been in the affected areas of Eastern Norway within the last 10 days to get tested for Covid-19 here in Volda. The test station at Volda University College is open Monday January 25th of January 15:00-16:00. To get a Covid test, you need to book an appointment by calling the Corona-telephone +47 70 05 89 60 (preferably in the timeslot 12:00 to 14:00). 

The standard test site for Volda municipality is in Hovdebygda, but it is possible to call the Corona-telephone to request an alternative site for testing if you have challenges getting there.

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