Election of student representatives to the Volda University College board

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Until Monday, September 19th, is it possible to nominate candidates to the election of student representatives in the university college board.

The boards tasks:

The board is responsible for VUC’s professionalism in the subjects and that they keep a high quality, they are also responsible for the institution being driven effectively in regards to laws and framework the board as an organ gives.

If you want to nominate someone you could use the electronic nomination-portal, or contact Studentsørvis.

If you know of anyone you would like to nominate, please be sure that they want to be nominated first.

You must nominate before September 19th at 14:00
Electronic election in SurveyXact will be running from October 3rd to October 11th at 14:00

Other important dates for the election:
August 20th – September 19th at 14:00 – Nomination-period
September 23th at 14:00 – Deadline to accept your nomination
September 25th – Presentation of the nominated candidates
September 25th – October 3rd – Campaign period
October 3rd – October 11th at 14:00 – Electronic election in Survey Xact

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