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- Oppdatert

Did you know Rotsethornet is 649 meters above sea level? And the easiest way to get down is following the longer path towards Høgedalen? Or that Volda is a great place to speed ride?  

Text by Sonia Gonzálvez Juan and Daniela Elvebakk Mala

If you love doing sports and activities outdoors, and would like to know what you can do, or if you want to share an incredible experience around nature with other people, the blog MittSunnmøre is what you are looking for.  

A place to share tips and tricks  

MittSunnmøre is a blog owned by Volda University College, but it is run by students. It is a helpful and interesting website where students share their own experiences and tips about cool places to visit in the region and activities you can do there. It can be anything from a cool place climb or ski, to the best places to go sledging or camping.  

In the blog you’ll also find tips about how to cook outdoors, how to dress for winter and what you can do even though it rains.  

In need of English content

Since the blogs creation, all the content has been made in Norwegian. But as the number of exchange students are increasing, more and more every year, the student in charge of the blog, Dina Storvik, now wants English content. 

– I’m pretty sure that there’s exchange students in Volda that would like to go on trips or do outdoors activities, and it would be great if they can find helpful articles on the blog in English. Besides, Internationals might have a different perspective of nature than Norwegians. 

Storvik is now inviting everyone who has a good story about outdoors activities to contact her. 

– Tell me what you want to do, what you want to write about. And if you don’t have an idea, we might give one to you, but it’s always better if you come up with your own. It’s cool if the topic isn’t covered yet, or if it’s related to the season.  

The blog, which works as a freelance magazine, pays for every article and it’s open for everyone. It does not matter how much writing experience you have.


I’ve met people who didn’t feel comfortable writing, but they had really good stories to tell, so they just tried. And the results were often really good.


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