Digital quiz success continues

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The popular «Rokken quiz» have been re-born online since the Corona closing of the student house. Make sure to join! This is just one of the digital iniviatives launched by VUC, partners and students lately.

With campus and other meeting places mostly closed, and restrictions for the number of people allowed to be together in real life, the VUC students are going digital for socializing. The «Rokken quiz» online is one of the measures taken by the students and the college to make student life a bit more fun and easier. 

- Last week, there were more than 80 people attending, says Lone Ellingvåg Knutsen, studenthumanist at VUC. She is part of the welfare group of VUC, arranging the online quiz. 

She and the rest of the group has teamed up with the students responsible for the regular «Rokken quiz» and the media production agency Oclin

Take part in the online Rokken quiz 29th of April at VUCs Facebook page (and look for more events coming Wednesdays!) 

More fun and digital advisers

This is one of the many great digital initiatives lately. Also the Student radio had a live event at Facebook last week, broadcasting all Friday night. The X2 festival followed up with a digital night to replace the cancelled "IRL" events. 

Going forward, you can expect to find more digital student life activities from both the VUC, its partners and the students themselves. One idea is a podcast. The welfare group also reminds everyone that they are available digitally for advice, conversations or questions of any kind. 

- We are here for you, says Lone and her fellow advisers. 

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