Campus still closed

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Following the Norwegian Government presenting new Corona advice Tuesday, Campus will still be closed and the semester will be completed digitally. But VUC are allowed to grant access to departing bachelor- and master students in need of special equipment and rooms from 27th of April. Who qualifies and the process behind will be presented after the Easter holiday.

The new Corona advice was presented at a press conference Tuesday 7th of April. Following the press conference, a statement was released addressing students and employees at Universities and Colleges. The main message is that people still are to stay at home. 

Possible exeptions 

- The ones that can, should still work from home and you should still avoid unneccessary travels, says Henrik Asheim, Minister of Higher Education. – Our priorities are to grant access to the ones finishing their degrees or simliar this semester, and are in need of special equipment or rooms. 

Who qualifies for this exeption at VUC will be presented after the Easter holiday. The student groups will be within media and design, music and arts. 


Keep following advice

The students and employees given access, will get an extra set of rules to follow, to help prevent infection or spreading of the Corona virus. This includes: 

  • No more than five people gathered
  • Keep a distance of two meters to other people

It is also important to follow the general advice on washing your hands thourough and often.

Karen Lomeland Jacobsen, CEO of Volda University College, encourages students and employees to look for information in Canvas and on e-mail, in addition to the Corona pages on the VUC web.

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