All student exchange for the autumn semester 2020 cancelled

Tekst: Per Arne Brandal

- Oppdatert

Volda University College has decided to cancel all student exchange for the autumn semester 2020, including all inbound and outbound student mobility for studies, internships and short study trips abroad. The decision is based on the uncertainties surrounding student exchange concerning everything from health and safety, to the academic offer provided and social situation for students abroad.

The travel restrictions imposed by the Norwegian government, which may be in force until January 2021, has also been a decisive factor. It is sad that VUC students are not able to study abroad this next semester, and that we will not benefit from international exchange students on our campus, but with the level of uncertainty we find that it is not possible to allow for student mobility this autumn.

Note: this cancellation does not apply to international students who have been accepted to study programmes at VUC such as the Norwegian language course (NIS) and the Master in Media Practices (MMP).


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