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Becoming a student, and maybe move for the first time, one naturally has quite a lot of questions! Through these 10 tips, I hope I can answer some of them from you, writes PR student Veronika Svartvatn.

1. Plan your packing

Even though the airport only is a short bus ride away from campus, it might take a while before you want to go home! So, plan your packing, bring one suitcase to many rather than bringing to little stuff. Especially important if you have quite the distance home, like me. 

2. Arrive early! 

Being an early bird in Volda gives you a great advantage! You can most likely pick and choose between places to live, and you’ll get to know the area and the town before the semester starts. It’s a good feeling to be «in place» before it all breaks loose: Classes, Buddy Week, and everything the first days has to offer (it’s a whole lot).

3. Take part in Buddy Week

With Volda being a small place, all of town takes part in the Buddy Week. Stores and companies contributes, as well as engaged locals. Buddy Week is an introduction to the student life, and can bring everything from hiking, color me rad competition and different cultural arrangements. If you need to catch up on some ZZZ, Buddy Week offers both day- and night fun. 

4. Sign up for something

Though Volda as mentioned being quite the small place, there are almost unbelivably many opportunities. The Student Athletes (VSI) and Natura are some of the organzations you can join. Being a member of the athletes gives you access to the gym at Idrettsbygget, and you can take part in training all kinds of sports. Some for fun, some more serious. Dodgeball, anyone? Natura is an amazing organization, exploring the nature around Volda. Borrow climbing gear, join a hike or try surfing. 

Foto: Marius Beck Dahle
Photo: Marius Beck Dahle.

5. Go to Rokken! 

Looking for great concerts? Rokken is the student house in Volda, where you’ll find everything from choir practice to silent disco or concerts, showcasing some of the best Norwegian artists, like Karpe, Dagny and Arif. You can also get volunteer work, bartending or booking, or similiar. In addition to giving you insanely great social life, you’re adding to your resymé at the same time. 

6. Get to know your ways around town

Volda has a lot of grocery stores! Find your nearest one. In Volda, you’ll also have an uniqe access to hikes and mountain tops, with amazing sorroundings and signs showing you the way to the nearest path, just outside your own door step. 

7. Get to know your ways around campus

Take a tour of the campus before school starts. Get the overview of the school, where the classes are held and find your way aournd the buildings. You might have classes in different houses. It also happens quite a bit at campus both on and off school schedule, like free lectures, movie night and night meals. 

Foto: Mona Klausen
Photo: Mona Klausen.

8. Don’t shop it all before you go

Even though Volda is modest in size, the selection of shops is, like I mentioned, quite good. You’ll also find a variation of stores in Furene and Ørsta (10-15 minute bus ride) where they offer anything you might NOT want to pack, like a bed, table, mirors and similar. You can also find several second hand stores for treasure hunting - both clothes and furniture.

9. Experience the festival life of Volda

One of the things you definitely not should miss out on, is joining the festival fun. There are a wide range of festivals, many of them being run by students. You’ll find everything from the X2 Festival featuring extreme sports, to DOKFILM, being Norway’s oldes documentary film festival.

10. Be yourself!

Volda has a long history of happy students, being a student town where you are included and taken care of. A lot of the students come here on their own, and for many of us, it’s the first time moving away from home. But that means a lot of us has this in common. A new place also means a new possibility, and a new start. Volda should allow you to be yourself, having room for everyone.


Veronika Svartvatn
Your fellow student sharing her tips, is Veronika Svartvatn. She studies PR, Communication and Media. 


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