Dissenting Forms – Seminar on Dissenting Eastern European Film Cultures

Monday 16th september
Day 1: Animated dissent

10.00    Welcome, Rolf Werenskjold    
10.10    Introduction, Bjørn Sørenssen and Endre E. Larsen    
10.30    Keynote: Artist Between Underground and Upper Floor in ESSR, Hardi Volmer    
11.15    Small Break        
11.30    Animation, Collective Consciousness and Identity: Between Past and Present, Ülo Pikkov    
12.15    Break        
13.15    Animated Communication with the West, Gunnar Strøm    
15.00    Screening: The Attached Balloon (Zhelyazkova, ‘67), Sean Homer    

Tuesday 17th September
Day 2: Filmic forms of dissent

10.00    Silence as Critique: Bulgarian Dissident Film, Sean Homer     
10.45    Screening: Amator (Kieślowski, ‘79), Bjørn Sørenssen    
12.45    Break        
13.45    An Aesthetic and Political Challenge: Amateur Underground Film in the GDR, Bjørn Sørenssen    
14.30    Using Time to Navigate East German Censorship: Thick Descriptions in The Children of Golzow, Ole Johnny Fossås    
15.00    Small Break        
15.15    Fragile Movies: Underground Filming in Eastern Europe, Tomáš Glanc    
16.00    Concluding remarks, Werenskjold/Larsen/Sørenssen    


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