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The lectures start Thursday at 09.15 a.m., Friday at 12.15.

Professor Hochscherf is an internationally renowned media scholar who has taken the Bond films seriously as field of research and has published a series of articles on Bond as a cultural phenomenon seen by millions of spectators worldwide. Tobias Hochcherf is a media professor at University of Applied Sciences Kiel – which happen to be one of the Volda University College’s Erasmus partners in Germany. There are several students from Kiel taking part of their education here in Volda this spring. Equally, several students from Volda are studying in Kiel through the Erasmus Exchange Program.   


Tobias Hochcherf is a media professor at University of Applied Sciences Kiel.

Not everyone is aware that James Bond films thematize and popularize a certain view of the world during the Cold War, and that they also thematized our present time of terror and global crises. Hochscherf will lecture about Bond films made both during and after the Cold War was ended in 1991. There will be screening of films.

The lectures and seminars are elements of a course called ”The Media and the Second Cold War 1975-1991”, a teaching offer from the Faculty of Journalism and Media this spring. The Media and the Cold War course is a part of the Faculty’s new Master study in Documentary and Journalism (15 credits/300 level). The course is however also open for Bachelor students (15 credits/200level).

The Media and the Cold War course is especially developed for international students at Volda University College. All the texts and lectures are given in English. The teaching will be taking place during the weeks 8, 10 and 13, as weekly gatherings varying from lectures to more informal seminars and discussions. The students are expected to deliver a term paper or an assignment (depending on level) as part of their exam. Included in the teaching is also screening of films: both fiction film (such as James Bond) and several documentaries covering the Cold War.

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