MID118 Media Concept Development and Pre-production

1 semester
Bachelor (grunnivå)
Bachelor i medieproduksjon
2019 Haust
2019 Haust
Krav til forkunnskapar

The course is obligatory for students in Bachelor in Media Production (Bachelor i Medieproduksjon), after completing their first year. Other students and exchange students may apply based on following prerequisites:

  1. 30 ECTS of media production courses or equivalent experience.

  2. Study participation requires good knowledge of the English language.

  3. Audition tape.

    [Link to audition tape requirements: https://docs.google.com/document/d/110-IsymLhFBlHvxZAb97UJ_iiCYa3zeFVe83...

  4. A motivation application describing your background and interest in the course, with supporting documentation.

    [Link to form: https://docs.google.com/a/ga.hivolda.no/forms/d/1DcWc3hAC1-YIf62nKMcrhEI...

Upon fulfillment of prerequisites, admission may be granted in consideration of the maximum amount of students accepted on the course. 

Om emnet

The media concept development and pre-production course provides students with the skills and knowledge required for the sustainable development and preparation of a media project.

Students will be able to fully realise and develop an idea from brainstorm to pitch, followed by developing script and pre-production assets to gain funding. They will be able to utilise core skills of idea development, scriptwriting and storytelling in multiple formats.

The course provides knowledge of different development and pre-production methodologies which the students will apply through developing pitches, responding to creative briefs and managing the preparation of a project. The students will develop a solid understanding of the applied principles of media pre-production and the acquired skills development in planning and concept development which will help develop the student’s media production competence.


In accordance with the National Qualifications Framework the student will achieve the following learning outcomes after completing the course:


The candidate

  • has knowledge of creative concept development processes and techniques.
  • has knowledge of narrative and storytelling for concept and pitch development.
  • has knowledge of scriptwriting conventions, formats and structures.
  • has knowledge of media production management.

The candidate

  • develop skills in narrative development and structure.
  • develop skills in creating and delivering pitch decks.
  • develop skills in scriptwriting for multiple genres.
  • can apply and utilise production management and organisational theory to media productions.
  • can apply academic knowledge to practical and theoretical problems and explain his/her choices.
Generell kompetanse

The candidate

  • can manage and organise media productions in different situations.
  • can develop an idea into a fully developed media concept
  • can develop a media concept into a content strategy.
  • can pitch a project with full slide deck and support material.
  • can write reflective and academic essays.
Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåtar

The course has compulsory attendance by the 80/20 rule and will consist of different workshops combined with lectures, seminars and practical work, in groups or individually. (See: Regulations governing studies and examinations is to be found at Volda University College, §4.6 on attendance/participation in teaching.)

Student roles in the productions and project teams may be decided by the course administrator. Volda University College is to be credited with full name on end slate for each project that is produced during the course.

The course will be taught in English if there are exchange students participating. Individual papers and essays may be written in Norwegian or English.

Vilkår for å framstille seg til eksamen

The course has compulsory attendance by the 80/20 rule.

Assessment requirements: 

  • Online Work Requirements/ Tasks assigned by the Course Leader. 70% completion rate to be attained for pass. 
  • A fully developed pitch presentation to a judging panel.
  • A weekly reflective learning journal in learning management system. 

All requirements are evaluated as pass/fail and are compulsory for exam enrollment.

Jon Harman
Emnet inngår i følgande studieprogram
Bachelor i medieproduksjon
Bachelorstudium i PR, kommunikasjon og media
Journalistikk, spesialisering avis/nett
Journalistikk, spesialisering tv/radio
MappeeksamenIndividuell eller gruppe (etter avtale)-A-F, der A er best og E er siste ståkarakter50 %A portfolio of pre-production paperwork and assets.
RapportIndividuell-A-F, der A er best og E er siste ståkarakter50 %An individual reflective essay
Gruppering:Individuell eller gruppe (etter avtale)
Karakterskala:A-F, der A er best og E er siste ståkarakter
Andel:50 %
Kommentar:A portfolio of pre-production paperwork and assets.
Karakterskala:A-F, der A er best og E er siste ståkarakter
Andel:50 %
Kommentar:An individual reflective essay
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Audhild Gregoriusdotter Rotevatn