Being a online student

This page applies to both students who study online, and students who combine physical collections and online learning.

Welcome as a online student at Volda University college!

Online studies have the same professional content as traditional study, the difference is that you do not have to be on campus. Do you have the internet, you do have your study with you everywhere! This gives you the freedom to study whenever and wherever you want, and online learning is therefore great to combine with travel, work or family life.

If you have got an offer  on one of our online courses, you must register as a student at Volda University College. You do this here. After signing up, you will have access to the digital learning environment Canvas. There the teaching staff will provide information about the content of the course. You will also find important information about your course in the practical information for each study offer and in study and subject plans. Some studies are only online, while others have optional or compulsory collections on campus as well. Information about this can be found in the course plan of your course.

If you are going to attend a meeting or take an exam in Volda, you will find information about how to get there here. You can also go to Mazemap to find out on campus. Otherwise, you will find relevant information for you at the For Students page. It is particularly important that you meet important deadlines at the university college and that you are well acquainted with our exam page.

We ask you to put in the various information channels you will use as a student, such as Studentweb, Canvas, and e-mail for students.

Good luck with the study!

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