Submitting the exam

General rules that apply for all academic work also apply for exam work. Please check information about the how to make reference lists and cite other works, on the library website.

General deadline
Deadline to deliver exams, other that written school exams, is 14:00 o'clock on the exam day, unless otherwise specified in StudentWeb. Deadline is final!

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Eksamenssvar som leverast på papir skal vere i to eksemplar til Studentsørvis i 1. etasje i Berte Kanutte-huset. Ved sending av eksamenssvar pr. post skal postfunksjonær kvittere for innleveringstidspunktet på konvolutten. 

Eksamenssvaret skal sendast til:
Høgskulen i Volda
Pb. 500
6101 Volda

Eksamensarbeidet skal ha ei standardisert framside:
Framside til eksamensarbeid

Front page

Korleis justere marg i Word og OpenOffice les du meir om her.

Hustrykkeriet i Berte Kanutte-huset kan kopiere/trykke eksamenssvar. For nærare informasjon, ta kontakt med 

Kandidatnummeret ditt finn du ved å logge på Studentweb. Kandidatnummeret er synleg i Studentweb omlag 14 dagar før innleveringsfristen (eksamensdatoen).

Avlevering til biblioteket (gjeld bachelor- og mastergradsoppgåver):
Den som ikkje har reservert seg mot avlevering av oppgåve til biblioteket skal levere eit ekstra eksemplar for bibliotekbruk. Dette 3. eksemplaret kan trykkast og bindast kostnadsfritt på høgskulen sitt hustrykkeri i Berte Kanutte-huset. Berre oppgåver med karakter C til og med A vert tekne inn i samlingane.

Submission of exam response in Inspera

Submission of assignment, portfolio and home examination in Inspera - login through Feide: 

Access for submission and deadline; check date and time in Studentweb 

Note: Use standard front template only for bachelor and master's thesis 
Deliver document as a PDF file, or follow the procedure/information that is given in the course plan or in the exam information. How to upload file in Inspera, follow: Instruction in English 
Submit your answers, or when the test closes your answer will be automatically submitted when the time limit expires. 
Read: Important information about rules for quote and source usage. We use plagiarism control on all digital submissions and exams at Volda University College. 
All technical aspects of examinations, such as the failure of the technical equipment or unstable / lacking access to the Internet, is the student's responsibilityUnfortunate cases that have led to delays during examination and which can be documented may provide grounds for extended deadline. The administration office is responsible for the proceedings of such applications. 
Training in Inspera 
If you want to familiarize yourself with the digital examination arrangements in Inspera before the exam, try the Demo home examination: 

Questions related to examination, or should you have a problem during the exam, please contact Studentsorvis - phone: 70075018 or e-mail:  
After 3:00 pm - call the switchboard on the phone: 70075000. 


Instructions for submission of bachelor and master assignments

Consent for publication of bachelor's and master's thesis 

When submitting a bachelor's and master's thesis, you will need to decide whether you want to make the thesis available for publication in BRAVO (Volda University College's full text archive), so your assignment will be searchable and available on the internet.  
As a writer, you must familiarize yourself what publication may cause of different consequences.  
Other web sites will be able to link to the document. If you as a writer plan to publish the document by publisher or magazine, you must know that this may have consequences when the document is also available in BRAVO. 

If the document or parts of the document contain photographs, drawings or  material with copyrigh, as the author you must ensure that you have the necessary consent from third part in advance. You must guarantee that the document does not contain material that violate applicable Norwegian law or contain links to such material. 

Information covered by statutory duty, refuse publication. Rules about statutory duty you find in: Act relating to procedure in cases concerning the public administration (Public Administration Act) Section 13. (Duty of secrecy)  

Send email to and notify your consent for publication with the following information: name, e-mail address, subject code and subject name of master's degree, candidate number, student number, consent to publication (Yes / No) 

Form and content 

Information about the form and contents can be found in the course / subject plan and Canvas. 
Standard front template for bachelor and master's thesis:

Front page 
Master's thesis must include a text summary of about 200-400 words and placed behind the front template.

Title of the thesis 

Title must be entered in Studentweb before the submission deadline expires. Log in to studentweb, and you will get upcoming events listed with item code (s). Register the title by clicking on the "pencil" that appears to the right of the course code. Write the title in English. 
Title is printed on Transcript of Records, the diploma and in the full text archive BRAVO. 


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