Norwegian language course (NIS)

This course provides students with a good general proficiency in Norwegian language and at the same time aims to help students adapt to the Norwegian society. Upon completion of the year course, students will have the required knowledge, skills and competences to follow Norwegian-taught programmes at universities and colleges in Norway.

Course outline
The Norwegian course is at undergraduate level and awards a total of 60 ECTS credits. The course is split in two parts of 30 ECTS credits each NIS101 (autumn semester) and NIS102 (spring semester). See more information in the programme description below. To meet the Norwegian language requirement for higher education in Norway the student have to complete both NIS101 and NIS102.

Costs and financial aid
Non-EU/EEA citizens may have to pay tuition fees for this course unless they meet one of the listed reasons to be exempt.
Note that the Norwegian course (NIS) normally does not qualify students for grants/loans from Lånekassen (the Norwegian State Loan Foundation).