ITS Volda Programme

Day 1 - Monday April 24

09:30-10:00Orientations - meet and greet 

Theme #1: Introduction to the school systems in:

Austria - Silvia Baldassari, PHT Tirol
Denmark - Louise Flege, University College Absalon
Finland - Joni Kuokkanen, Åbo Akademi
Norway - Eivind Hanevik, Volda University College

11:00-11:15Coffee break

Student groupwork #1

12:00-13:00Lunch break

Theme #2: Presentations

Stine Ekornes - NTNU, RKBU Central Norway
Relational quality in schools as a key factor to promote student well-being

Leon Romestrand - Former school principal, now lecturer at the NGO "MOT" 
Developing a safe and inclusive classroom environment using the play – trust – learn methodology


Student group work #2

14:30Sum up and information for tomorrow


Day 2 - Tuesday April 25

09:45-10:00Information on day 2 of ITS Volda

Theme #3: Presentations

Anette Møller Hansen - University College Absalon
Differenctiated and democratic educating by the LUDO-didactic

David Gutiérrez - University of Castilla-La Mancha
IMMA classroom: a thinking space to promote interdisciplinary learning and students’ well-being

10:50-11:00Coffee break

Student group work #3

12:00-13:00Lunch break

Theme #4:

Derrick Tanous - PHT Tirol
Reflections from a health-focused PhD project within a nationwide school study based on behavior in Austria.


Student group work #4

14:15-14:30Rounding up - summary and evaluation

Presenters at ITS Volda 2023

Anette Møller Hansen

Anette Møller Hansen is a former teacher in public schools and independent schools. Embodied learning and student engagement in lessons has always been in focus as a teacher and now as a teacher for teachers at University College Absalon. Here she is working in two departments: The Further Education for Teachers and The Teacher Training College working with Didactic, Pedagogy and School Development. 

Stine Ekornes

Stine Ekornes is an Associate Professor at the Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare (RKBU Central Norway), NTNU, and is also affiliated with Department of Humanities and Teacher Education at Volda University College. She is trained in pedagogy and psychology, and has long experience from teaching and supervision in higher education. Her research interests are school mental health, teacher education and inter-professional collaboration in school.

David Gutiérrez

Dr. David Gutiérrez is full professor in the Faculty of Education at University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). His main research focus is on model-based physical education, with special attention on pedagogical models related to sport content (Teaching Games for Understanding and Sport Education). Currently he is also researching in the implementation of transdisciplinary methodologies that increase movement during the school day. He has research and publish extensively in these topics (

Derrick Tanous

Derrick Tanous has an educational background in Kinesiology and Physical Education (B.Sc. 2017; human movement science) from the University of Maine, USA. He completed the European Master – Health and Physical Activity (M.Sc. 2019) at the University of Rome (Foro Italico) in Italy and focused on the area of ageing and the implications for long-term health and quality of life for individuals and populations. Currently, he is completing his Ph.D. at the University of Innsbruck (Department of Sport Science) within the theme of the school setting ( to trace the health circle back from older to younger populations. He aims particularly at health behavior with regard to the role of prevention within the framework of long-term sustainable health.

Leon Romestrand

Leon Romestrand has had various positions in Norwegian schools for more than 13 years; 8 of these years working as a principal and school leader. At present he is following-up on more than 200 principals giving guidance and support on the topic of school environment, work environment and leadership development in schools, through his position in the NGO "MOT Norway". He annually holds more than 100 talks to staff and parents on the subject of inclusive classroom environments, inclusive local communities, work environment and diversity.