ITS Volda

Wellbeing in schools - how can teachers positively impact the social environment in the classroom

What:     An international conference for teacher training students
When:    April 24-25, 2023
Where:   Online-conference – Zoom


The organising committee for ITS Volda 2023 is still working on the precise theme of the 2023 conference. However, we aim to address the overall topic of wellbeing in school and what the teacher may do to positively influence students social and mental wellbeing. Our aim is not to focus on the negative consequenses of a bad social environment, such as bullying, school refusal, etc., we want to emphasize what the teacher can do to improve and maintain a good social environment in the classroom. 

More details on the theme and programme for ITS Volda 2023 will be posted here in February/March 2023.


ITS Volda-Conference
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