NOA: digital attendance registration

The concept is that you as a student check in to the lessons themselves via your individual schedule on NOA mobile app. If you do not have a smartphone, do not want to use the app or have made a mistake, the lecturer will be able to assist you in registering attendance during the lessons.

The time you save by registering attendance with NOA will benefit you as a student in the form of more valuable time for teaching. In addition, you get a complete overview of your attendance and queries in hours, days and percent per topic and in total in the app.

Login to the solution is done by using FEIDE, which is a national login service for students and staff. To gain access to FEIDE, you must first be registered as a student. You can also use Microsoft authentication.

How to use the NOA attendance app

Video of NOA in use (in Norwegian language only)

Also read guidelines related to other attendance and questions

You can find the app for both Android and Apple


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