Costs and financial aid

As an exchange/study abroad student from Volda University College you may receive financial support through some scholarship schemes.

If you ar eligible to receive loan and scholarship from the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway (Lånekassen) you may receive the same support from them as a student in Norway. Additionally you may potentially receive extra grant from Erasmus+ or Nordplus. 

Read more about the different schemes below.


State Educational Loan Fund, Norway

Our exchange/study abroad agreements are approved by the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway (Lånekassen). If you meet the requirements to receive financial support from Lånekassen, you may receive both a regular grant and an extra grant to cover any tuition fees related to your semester abroad.

If you are not required to pay tution fees you will still receive the regular grant (loan and scholarship), given that you are eligible to apply for this support.

This also applies to a scholarship to complete a language course ahead of your study if you are following a non-English speaking course while studying abroad..


Erasmus+ is EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. This programme allows students to exchange to other European universities without paying tuition. Additionally students on Erasmus+ exchange will be granted a Erasmus+ scholarship from Volda University college.


VUC students may receive a Erasmus+ scholarship both on studies and internships. For studies the scholarship is set to €410-460 Euros a month. For internships the scholarship is set to €610-660 Euros a month. 

You can read more about your rights and duties as an Erasmus+ scholarship received in our Erasmus+ Student Charter.

To receive Erasmus+ scholarship there are a few forms that has to be filled out. International office at VUC will assist you in filling these out correctly. The forms are:

  • Grant Agreement (provided by International office)
  • Learning Agreement (provided by International office)
  • Confirmation of Arrival
  • Participant report (provided by the Erasmus+ programme)


Nordplus is a Nordic cooperation for higher education. Volda University College participate in 3 Nordplus networks, and students who exchange to universities within these networks may receive a Nordplus scholarship. This grant comes on top of the grant from Lånekassen, if you are eligible to receive support from them.

VUC are participating in these three networks:

Contact the International office at VUC for more information about the Nordplus scholarship.

Other support schemes

There are other scholarship schemes the study abroad students, which may be limited to your background or which university you wish to study at.

Students are themselves responsible to find such schmes on their own. A good tip is to visit ANSA's webpage for information about studies abroad.

Additionally some of our partner universities, especially in the US, might provide you "scholarships" in terms of reduced tution fees. This is, however, considered as a price reduction and not a higher grant.