Apply for student exchange

At VUC there are two internal application deadlines for students wishing to go on exchange:

  • March 1st for exchanges in the autumn semester
  • October 1st for exchanges in the spring semester

You submit your exchange application through Søknadsweb, where you choose the option "student exchange - outbound". 

You do not need to upload documents in Søknadsweb. In the external application to the university you might need further documentation (see more in the box External application).

Requirements for student exchange

General requirements for student exchange

You need to be registered as a student at a study programme at VUC in order to go on student exchange.

Students at Bachelor's level must have completed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits before studying abroad. Students on Master's level must have completed 30 ECTS credits before studying abroad.

Even though you are going on exchange, you still have to be registered as a student at VUC and pay the semester registration fee. It is your responsibility to pay the semester fee and to approve your study plan (utdanningsplan) within the given deadlines. 


Requirements from partner universities

The admission requirements and application requirements for student exchange depends on the university you apply to and the courses you wish to take (some have course-specific requirements). You can find out more about these requirements in meetings with the VUC International Office. 

Most of VUCs partneruniversities in the USA, UK and Australia require specific documentation of English language skills. In addition to international standardized test, such as IELTS and TOEFL, most partner universities approve documentation of completed secondary education in Norway with the grade 4 or better in English from the first level (grunnkurs). If you have not completed Norwegian secondary school or if you received an English grade lower than 4, you would have to document English language skills in other ways.

Finally, there are some partner universities who require that incoming students has a C-average from courses taken at VUC.

Guidance and counceling

If you are not sure about student exchange, you may approach your professor, the International Coordinator at your faculty or the VUC International Office.

It is recommendable to book an appointment with the International office for guidance.

We can offer advice on student exchange and provide information about the various options that would suit your interest.

We recommend that you select at least two of VUC's partner universities (perhaps one in Europe and one outside Europe) to compare the pros and cons of the different alternatives.

Your general inquiries, you are welcome to contact the International office.

External application

Shortly after the internal application deadline, we will start on the application to the university you wish to study at.

If you wish to study outside Europa it is recommendable that you start the application process as early as possible. This is to make sure you have enough time to process everything before departure.

Documents required in your application may vary from university to university. In most cases you need the following supporting documents:

  • Transcript of records from High School diploma (in English translation)
  • Transcript of records from VUC (in English translation)

Some universities may also require ID (copy of passport), health certificate or other personal documents. Contact the International office av VUC for more detailed information.