ITS Volda 2024 - Conference platform

The ITS Volda 2024 Conference will be held digitally on ZOOM.

Technical tips for participating in ITS Volda:

  • test your connection, speakers and microphone in a test room for Zoom
  • to improve connection, use cabled internet (LAN cable) if possible, if you have to connect via Wifi use a wifi network with good capacity
  • use a headset to improve your sound quality
  • make sure that you do not have irritating light or sounds in the background, find a secluded spot to sit down
  • we ask you to please turn on your webcamera, but you can use a background photo in Zoom if you do not want to share your background 
  • remember a charger to your laptop, as the conference days last several hours
  • close other programmes running in the backgruond, as these may cause delays or breaks in your Zoom-connection