International Board

The International Board is an advisory board for the management at Volda University College (VUC). The board includes representatives from each Faculty, from the Student Welfare Association (SiVolda), the Student Parliament (STiV) and the management at VUC.

The International Board typically holds 3 meetings per semester and deals with cases relating to the more long-term and strategic discussions, as well as, decisions relating to internationalization which effects the university college as a whole. The board has a special responsibility to develop the Action plan for Internationalization.

Students and staff/faculty at VUC who wish to get a particular discussion/ruling handled by the International Board can approach their representative in the board or the Head of International Office which is the board´s secretary.


The International Board in 2019/2020 has the following members:

  • Leader, pro-rektor Odd Helge Mjellem Tonheim
  • Second leader, Director of Studies, Gonnie Smit
  • Hjalmar Eiksund, Faculty representative, Faculty of Humanities and Education
  • Stein Helge Solstad, Faculty representative, Faculty of Arts and Physical Education
  • Hans Martin Dypvik, Faculty representative, Faculty of Media and Journalism
  • Margit Ystanes, Faculty representative, Faculty of Social Science and History
  • Rune Aasen, representative from SiVolda (Student welfare association)
  • Paloma Lorenzale Alonso, representative from STiV (Student parliament) 
  • Daria Jermacane, representative from STiV (Student parliament) 
  • Arne Humberset, Head of the International Office and secretary to the board