Safe studystart: download

Text: Tor Mikalsen

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– In case of something unforeseen happens to you, it's very okay to have on your mobile, says David Bernatek, welfare officer in the Student Parliament in Volda.

At you get preventative training and advice on what to do in a crisis situation. This can be, for example, first aid, violence situations, sexual harassment, online scams, incidents at study start or when traveling. You will also find important telephone numbers for the emergency services and Securitas, which is responsible for guarding at Volda University College.

– Fortunately, such situations do not come up very often, and it is quickly done to become a little paralyzed. Then it's good to be able to seek advice through and act accordingly, says Bernatek, who encourages all students in Volda to download a shortcut to and have it easily accessible on their mobile phone.

See how to do it here (in Norwegian):

After downloading the shortcut, it could unconsciously act as a security, says Welfare Officer Bernatek.

– If it is on your phone and you have looked through it, your brain is trained to think that you can go there to seek advice. I do not want to appear as a pessimist, but most likely there will be something with students in Volda where it is advisable to have

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