Opening day

Text: Terese Balsnes

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The opening ceremony takes place for all students and staff Tuesday 16th of August.



12:00 – 12:45: Official opening, with greetings, speaches, music and presentation of the Student Award. The opening ceremony is located outside, between Berte Kanutte-Building and Synnøve Riste-Building.

12:45-13:15: The buddies organize groups outside Berte Kanutte-Building. The groups attend academic orientations.

13:15-14:15: Academic orientations – around Campus.

14:30: Buddy program for buddies and new students. The buddies organizes the day until the opening party.

22.00: Opening party at Rokken

There may be minor changes.

Fadderveka 2016 (Buddy-program)

How to find your way ON Campus

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