Dokfilm needs volunteers!

Text: Karl August Swanstrøm

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Join the fun! At Dokfilm, you'll get a unique opportunity to get to know other volunteers, not to mention the valuable experience in taking part of organising a festival! In addition, you'll also get a free festival ribbon by volunteering.  

The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, also known as Dokfilm, is the largest and oldest festival for Norwegian documentary films. The festival was first arranged in 1997, and has since been an annually event where film creators and the audience meet every spring in beautiful Volda. This year, the event will be from Wednesday 20. to Sunday 24. April!

Den Norske Dokumentarfilmfestivalen søker frivillige

Become a volunteer!

Beside this year's Dokfilm festival, Volda University College is also celebrating Media 50 Years, which will feature historical hindsights in the importance media has had for Volda as a place of study, and what kind of role the media faculty in Volda has played nationally. We are sure that this symbiosis between Media 50 Years and Dokfilm will make more people than usual take the time to visit Volda during these April days, and that the experiences will be many, memorable and magnificent. 

That is why there is a considerable need for volunteers in separate roles for the festival to run as expected. These are:

Guards: Be around the area and ensuring that everyone has a good time

Technical: Contributing to the technical aspects at events and screenings

Bar: Bartenders at the common area

Crew: General contributions to screenings and being approachable at the festival 

Decor: Contribute to decor, signs and art

Media crew: Photographing and filming events 

PR crew: Promotion of the festival

Rig crew: Rigging and lowering rig

Info hub: Ensuring that correct information is in the right place and available.

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Do you have a documentary film that you want to be screened at Dokfilm? You'll find application form here

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