Borrow and reserve books

Log in to Oria

In the library database Oria you can both search for literature and reserve books that are currently on loan. In “My Account” you can see an overview of your account activity including loans and reservations. To gain access to these services you need to log in. The “Sign in” button is located in the top right corner of the screen. Login is enabled via Feide (make sure you choose affiliation: Volda University College). Log in with your username and password provided by Volda University College (HVO).  

Reserve books on loan

You can place yourself on the waiting list for books that are on loan. Once you have found the book you want, log into Oria, click on “Get It” and then click “Request”. You will receive a notification as soon as a copy of the book is available for pickup. Students can receive notifications by both SMS and e-mail, employees will receive notifications by e-mail only. Reservations last for 5 days after a notification has been issued, after which the book will be offered to the next person on the waiting list or released back to the open shelves.

Request books and journal articles from other libraries

If we don’t carry the title you’re looking for and you are a student or employee of HVO, we can lend books to you from other libraries via interlibrary loan. We can also provide copies of journal articles HVO library doesn’t subscribe to.

Students can request/loan a maximum of 10 books from other libraries at once. Usually books from foreign libraries cannot be lent to students.

Employees have no limit for interlibrary loans.

Due date: The due date depends on what material type has been borrowed, whether it is available now or has to be reserved, etc. A waiting period of at least one week should be expected for interlibrary loans.

Loan period: The library the loan is sourced from sets the loan regulations including loan period for the use of their resources. In some cases interlibrary loan items may not be allowed to be removed from the HVO campus.



  • Is the book or journal you need currently available in the HVO library? If so, you need to find the book yourself at the library or possibly use the electronic/online version.
  • Does HVO have titles on the same subject in the library? Always search «Oria – HVO Library» before requesting an interlibrary loan.
  • Is it an e-book? Interlibrary loans of e-books are currently not available.


Students will receive notifications via text message and e-mail when reserved items are available for pickup, employees will receive this notification via e-mail only. Please collect your books as soon as possible.

Remote students and online students can also apply to the library to have books and articles sent to them free of charge.



Interlibrary loans cannot be renewed automatically. Sometimes the regulations of the source library do not allow renewals for interlibrary loans, other times renewals may be blocked if there is an active waitlist for the book. If you have borrowed several books, you should carefully consider which books you really need to renew and return as many books as possible before the due date.



HVO can request books from other libraries within Norway, but it is better for students of other institutions to use the library services at their own place of study. Students must always contact their own institution to borrow books from foreign libraries and to request journal articles. 



Library users who are not students or employees of Volda University College must contact their local public library to request books and articles that are not held by HVO.

Lending regulations

The library for Volda University College (HVO) is primarily dedicated to providing library services to the students and employees of HVO. Individuals not affiliated with HVO are also eligible for an HVO library card, can borrow from the HVO library collection and use the library’s services and electronic resources when at the library.

Most material held by the library is available to borrow. In order to borrow books from us, users need an HVO student card or employee card, or a library card from another Norwegian library. Norwegian national library cards can be used as a library card for HVO, but need to be registered in our system before first time use.

HVO library does not send books to students or employees overseas. All loans must be returned before overseas travel and long absences. 


  • Books and CDs: 14 days. Automatic renewal if no waitlist.
  • Periodicals: 2 days. Latest issue not available for loan.
  • DVDs, Blu-rays, : 7 days
  • DVDs and Blu-rays are not available for interlibrary loan.
  • Books marked with red tape are for reference only and not available for loan.


Library users assume responsibility for the material they loan and are required to pay late fees if material is not returned once an overdue notice has been issued. Library cards will be blocked from borrowing any more material until either the overdue items have been returned or the fine has been paid.


  • At least 600 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) per book
  • 300 NOK for periodicals, DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs
  • Fees for overdue interlibrary loans are determined by the source library

Contact the library as soon as possible if you believe you have received an overdue notice in error.

Overdue material must still be returned if found after the fine has already been paid. The fee will not be refunded as it needs to be used towards covering the cost to the library of the additional time and effort required for dealing with overdue and missing books.