Programme 2022

Day 1 - Monday April 25

09:30-10:00Orientations and meet and greet 
10:00-11:00Theme #1: Introduction of school systems

Austria: Silvia Baldassari, PHT Tirol
Finland: Joni Kuokkanen, Åbo Akademi
Netherlands: Romy Worst, Hogeschool KPZ
Norway: Eivind Hanevik, Volda University College
11:00-11:15Coffee break
11:15-12:00Student groupwork #1
12:00-13:00Lunch break

Theme #2: Presentations

Nikolaj Trautner - SEFAL (Centre for physically active learning)
"The why transformed the how to approach physically active learning. From public health to didactic!"

Jan-Erik Romar - Åbo Akademi
"Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour During Outdoor Learning"

13:50-14:30Student group work #2
14:30Round up and information for next day


Day 2 - Tuesday April 26

09:45-10:00Information on day 2 of ITS Volda

Theme #3: Presentations

Elisabeth Kössler - PHT Tirol
"Acitve and effective (language) learning accross the curriculum"

Christian Sedlacek - PHT Tirol
"Drama in Education"

10:50-11:00Coffee break
11:00-12:00Student group work #3
12:00-13:00Lunch break

Theme #4:

Erik Fooladi - Volda University College
"Using all the senses in teaching and learning"

13:30-14:15Student group work #4
14:15-14:30Rounding up - summary and evaluation

Presenters at ITS Volda 2022

Jan-Erik Romar

Jan-Erik Romar is an Associate Professor (emeritus) at the Faculty of Education and Welfare studies at Åbo Akademi, Finland. His PhD is from The Ohio State University in Education, specializing in teaching physical education. He has been involved in action research projects with implementing model based instruction in the physical education context. His main research interests are related to teacher knowledge development, physical activity in school and coach education.

Nikolaj Trautner

Nikolaj Trautner, head of SEFAL (Center for Physically Active Learning) at Western Norwegian University of Applied Sciences. My professional passion is how to create a situation where things just match, the processes make sense, your effort goes smooth, and the motivations increases. For more than 20 years I have worked with further development processes within the school system in Denmark and Norway. At SEFAL me and my colleagues works in partnership with 100 schools and more than 2000 teachers across Norway to develop great strategies and methods on how to integrate physically active learning as a natural brick of the everyday teaching. (

Erik Fooladi

Erik Fooladi is associate professor at Volda University College within science teacher education and home economics teacher education. He has an extensive production of teaching resources and popular scientific material in the interface between science and food. His interests are education and communication in intersections between subjects, such as between science, cooking and food, between scientific and procedural/craftsmanship/practical knowledge, sense/ory experiences in the intersection between sciences and arts. He is a musician (percussionist), and collaborates with both researchers, artists and others to produce, perform, and do research in the context of multimodal and multisensory performances.

Christian Sedlacek

Christian Sedlacek has been working in the field of English and French Didactics and Methodology in Primary Education at the Pedagogical University of Tyrol since 1994, as a Dance pedagogue (Circle dances) since 2004 and as a Drama pedagogue since 2014. His courses are practical, interactive and focus on "hands-on" experience.

Elisabeth Kössler

Elisabeth Kössler is a trained primary school teacher with nine years of teaching experience as a class teacher of  a CLIL class. She spent two years in England as an FLA (foreign language assistant). Elisabeth did her Master's degree in "Didactics of early language acquisition". Her passion is CLIL (content and language integrated learning). Since 2017 she teaches English didactics at PHT (University College of Teacher Education, Tyrol).